Quickstart Guide

Enabling the Plugin.

Here, i show you how to enable the Plugin in your project. Once enabled you can use the functionality this plugin provides.

This tutorial is using the ThirdPerson Template.

Creating the global Save & Load Functions

You need to call the global Save and Load functions from somewhere. In this example i show you how you can do that from a Player Controller. You can actually place these functions in any Actor you want depending on your project needs :smile:.

In newer version “CGD” prefixes has been changed to “CSW”.

Saving and Loading an Actor

Here, i show you a simple example about creating an Actor, adding the CSWAutoSaveComponent and Saving it and loading it from Disk/Memory by using the global Save & Load Functions we created before. Very easy and straigthforward!

The delay() node added in the minute 9:00 is only waiting one frame and it’s neccesary if you want to load your game exactly on BeginPlay().

Customizing the Save and Load Functionality

Here i show you how to customize the functionality of the Save & Load system. You can save custom variables just by checking a property.

As an example, in the video, we’re going to save and load a CharacterMovementComponent state (isFalling and velocity).

Also, i’ll show you an alternative method to save variables (using GetSavedVariables() and SetSavedVariables()).

Finally, the video also shows you how to save Actor Components “on demand”. An Actor can be customized to save only the components you want to save!

  • In newer version you can also use the new CSWSequenceFromInputArray() in the minute 11:20.